The Beginning

The Women’s Lifestyle Expo began when a group of women had a vision of creating an event that brought together women and businesses on the Sunshine Coast. The Women’s Lifestyle Expo’s mission is to facilitate an environment where women of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds can connect, gain knowledge and become empowered.

The Oportunity

The Women’s Lifestyle Expo is an opportunity for:

  • Exposure of and growth of small and large businesses;
  • Building relationships and connecting businesses, community services and the people of South-East Queensland;
  • Women attending free workshops, facilitating empowerment through knowledge and support; 
  • Women being inspired and encouraged in their diverse roles.

The Experience

The Women’s Lifestyle Expo has become one of the key events for women in South-East Queensland each year. It is an event that offers a wide range of exhibits and workshops, entertainment along with access to food and drink services, and a warm, friendly and welcoming atmosphere for all who attend.

The first event was held over one day in September 2009 with 40 exhibitors, 12 workshops, and 400 attendees. Since then the Women’s Lifestyle Expo has grown to a major two-day event with typically around 4000 attendees, 100 trade exhibitors, and over 25 workshops presented by acclaimed speakers.

The Attraction

The Women’s Lifestyle Expo attracts attendees from throughout Queensland. Groups of women from Bundaberg, Ipswich, Toowoomba and Brisbane organise visits to the Sunshine Coast to be able to attend the Expo. Businesses from outside the Sunshine Coast (including Melbourne and Sydney), as well as the USA, have also travelled to be an exhibitor.

The Women’s Lifestyle Expo supports many aspects of the SEQ community. By being a part of the Expo, all who are involved benefit. Our exhibitors find that it is a great opportunity to develop their business and increase exposure throughout the region

2018 Gallery

The 2020 Expo


Maroochy RSL

105 Memorial Drive, Maroochydore

$10 cover-charge per person (once-off entry fee)