It’s Not What You Think it is?

Maybe you have pain in your body, you feel unusually tired and worn out? This was my experience a few years ago; I would drag myself through each day and felt extremely tired and on top of that had a thumping earache.  So I rang the Dr and booked an appointment.  The Dr looked in […]

Humble Beginnings

A wife, a mother, a missionary and an international speaker are all epithets Karla May loves and wears proudly.  She lives an excitingly full life of travel, adventure, rich relationships and clear purpose.    Together with her family this Sunny Coast girl calls Thailand home.  Each day is spent living in tropical Asian heat, without […]

A Woman with Two Hats

It’s easy to make claims about being able to help businesses. But who can you trust to help you when you need it? How can you be sure the person you are working with has the experience, knowledge, perception and connections to know what is needed and when? Celena Ross is that person and her […]

Finding Motivation Through All Things

My earliest memories are having a carefree life of mulberry tree climbing and billy cart racing.  Riding such a long way to school, which actually turned out to be only three blocks, and taking a penny to the corner shop for a bag full of lollies. Mum stayed home, and Dad worked long hours in […]

Families Come in All Shapes & Sizes

Stepmothers are not wicked or evil, as the fairytales would have you believe.  How do I know this, because I am a Step-mum and live with the daily challenges of a step-family life. I was born in Toowoomba and spent most of my life there raising my three children from my first marriage.  Five years […]

Against All Odds

One Man’s fascinating story from Gang to God. I’ll never forget the day when I “accidentally” found out that the couple I had called “mum” and “dad” for twelve years weren’t my real parents at all. To say I was shocked would be an understatement. I was absolutely shattered. To make matters worse, “dad” didn’t […]

Fighting Spirit

Kelly Pendlebury has certainly packed a lot of life’s experience in to her 28 years. Born in Tasmania with a hole in her heart and a life expectancy of only hours, Kelly has had a fighting spirit from day dot. After attending a personal development seminar called ‘Success & You’, Kelly realised her journey on […]

Creative Lifestyle for Women

Cheryl Turnbull says “My background has been very female dominated.  From my love of playing netball to hairdressing, I have always been surrounded by women and for almost ten years I was a single mum with two beautiful daughters living on the Gold Coast. Throughout that period of time I met an amazing bunch of […]

From Rebellious Teen to Creative Business Owner

From an early age, Traci Castle always knew she wanted to be a photographer. She laughs “Mum has home video footage of me from a Sydney family holiday and I’m telling her off about the light being no good for taking photos – I was just six years of age!” Growing up in Wanganui, New […]