Financial Health Workshops 2016

Get control of your money and pay off your mortgage FAST!

Setting and Achieving Your Goals & Getting Control Of Your Money!
Friday 10.00am; Saturday 1:00pm

Ever wondered why the mortgage on your home never seems to be getting lower? It probably has to do with the way you have it set up and the way you are managing your money. If you want to change this forever, this workshop is “not to be missed!” Chris & Lynn will reveal proven ways to reduce debt AND even improve your lifestyle. Wouldn’t you like to pay off your home is say 5-7 years and not 25?

About Chris Childs:

With 25 years in the financial planning and mortgage industries, Think Money founder Chris Childs,  will reveal the secrets to managing money for your benefit and not the banks, along with how to reduce debt, increase equity and build a property portfolio that you can live on in retirement.

About Lynn Levitt:

Lynn Levitt is a Wealth Coach with Think Money and is on her own journey of wealth creation. She is passionate about educating and supporting women and families to reach their financial goals.


Think Wealth 4 Women – You can have it all – money, property, lifestyle
Friday 1:00pm; Saturday 10:00am

Imagine if you had no financial pressure – if you owned your own home and an investment property portfolio. Imagine if time and money were no object. In this workshop, Chris Childs and Lynn Levitt guide you through the tricks and traps of handling money effectively reducing your home loan fast and creating financial security for your future.

You’ll learn how to;

  • Pay down your home loan faster
  • Get 10 properties in 10 years
  • Create financial security in retirement



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