Personal Growth Workshops 2016

Your Effective Communication Encourages Positive Inspiration for Change
Friday 9.30pm; Saturday 12:00noon

Ultimate speaker essentials for confidently building lasting client relationships.  DO you have a deep desire to speak with confidence and clarity when you’re networking?

Join Kim Taylor in this fun, interactive, hands-on workshop and you will discover how to:

•    Listen for hidden clues in your potential client’s language.
•    What to focus on so that you are free to share your message.
•    Manage yourself to ensure you speak with confidence, certainty and command.
•    Construct your elevator in 6 easy steps so that you come across clear, concise and connect.
•    Make it easy for your clients to know, like and trust you by following the ultimate speaker steps to creating your networking conversations.
This workshop is designed to equip you so that you feel prepared, clearly and qualify your prospects quickly. By applying Kim’s easy steps, you will create quality relationships as you network and discover greater self-confidence and competence.

About Kim Taylor

Kim’s passion for assisting people to discover and implement their own speaking style enables them to share their message and bring positive inspiration for change in the world.  With more than 30 years of experience in professional and personal development, she is highly praised for her ability to help people unlock their voice and speak from their heart. Kim is a renowned speaker coach, trainer, author, emcee and founder of the 9-steps to Ultimate Speaker training system.


Stress Management Strategies
Friday 10:45am; Saturday 2:30pm

Thriving beats merely surviving – engaging powerful stress management strategies in everyday life.  Do you have the desire to maximise the potential gain from every opportunity in life? Do you find yourself dissatisfied with ordinary life and are reaching for more? Chances are, if those statements are true for you, you are involved in a full and busy life, overflowing with decisions, tasks and responsibilities. Stress is part of all of our life stories, if we are going to reach, it’s unavoidable – learning strategies to use stress as a tool for success rather than a hindrance is one of the key secrets to optimising everyday opportunities, rather than just getting by or mere survival. Come and hear Josie share some of the key strategies for empowerment overstress and anxiety.

About Josie Drew

Josie has an extensive background in psychological counselling, having worked for 20+ years in the government and private sector with adolescents, adults and young children. She has a passion for assisting people overcome the emotional and psychological obstacles that hold them back from achieving their full potential in life. She is also passionate about helping people recover from traumatic life events and assisting individuals and families to develop the skills they need to build and often re-build strong, healthy relationships. Josie is the founder and director of Life Enrichment Centre ( where she continues to work in Private Practice, as well as delivering workshops and training across various Sunshine Coast locations.


Relationship Development through Communication DNA styles
Friday 12:00pm

Have you ever had those moments when people have looked at your with that inquisitive look which seems to hold the unsaid thought ‘I really have no idea what you are trying to say?’ Being understood, and understanding how others convey messages, is vital in our relationships.  In this workshop we look at the four Communication DNA Styles and answer the questions:
•    What is my communication type?
•    How do I adapt my communication so I am understood by others?
•    What are my natural preferences how I wish others to communicate with me?

About Scott Douglas:

Scott and his wife Julie-Ann have been married for 26 years and they have two boys.  For the past 30 years Scott has been driven to personally contribute to the development and improvement of people and communities locally and internationally in nations such as Vanuatu, Cambodia and Sri Lanka.  He loves engaging with people who want to break the day-to-day routine and achieve their dreams and aspirations, whether that be at a personal or community level.


Change your MIND, change your LIFE
Friday 12:00noon; Saturday 1:15pm

Simone combines Neuro Science with NLP and Emotional Intelligence, to create Neuro Success TM strategies that offer profound breakthrough in finances, health, emotions and relationships. For nearly 2 decades she has worked for Fortune 500 Companies, Elite athletes, an Olympic coach, top corporate executives, small to medium businesses and everyday people internationally, to get RESULTS!
•    Understand why we create the results we do and how to change them!
•    Stop self-sabotage
•    Breakthrough limitations
•    Lose weight
•    Create financial security
•    Relationship breakthrough!

About Simone Leslie:

As a Neuro Strategist Simone breaks new ground in the area of core identity beliefs and how they affect our results in every area of our lives. She achieves breakthrough for Businesses & individuals by combining neuro science with our emotional intelligence, clearing neurological blockages that hold us back from achieving our desired results. Simone has presented to millions in different forums in the past 2 decades. She is an endearing, humorous and enlightening speaker.

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