Testimony from Think Money


I just wanted to write to tell you how beneficial the 2011 Sunshine Coast Women’s Lifestyle Expo has been to our business and thank you for your invitation to be involved in the upcoming 2012 event.

Last year’s expo proved to be of awesome benefit to my business, in fact our testing and measuring has shown it to be one of the most successful marketing activity of the year, with results 150-200% greater than other trade-show ventures we participated in. Not only did the expo generate a large quantity of leads, I was really impressed by the quality of leads…

The expo is a truly unique event for Women on the Sunshine Coast and has proven to be an anticipated event on the calendar for women from all walks of life.  Everyone who participated in last years event, both stall holders & the public seemed genuinely excited and happy to be a part of it.  I believe this is what helped to produce such high quality leads for our business, and on a personal note, quality networking relationships with other women operating businesses on the coast.

One of the highlights of the Women’s Lifestyle Expo for me last year was the opportunity to participate in the speaking program. The program was really well organised and executed and in high demand from the crowd. I believe it gave me the opportunity to showcase my business and what it has to offer to the Sunshine Coast Community in general and women on the coast in particular.  Nearly all of the people who attended my speaking time-slots made appointments to come and see me at the office – a great response!!

The Women’s Lifestyle Expo Magazine was also a resounding success . It is beautifully designed and we had lots of calls from our advertisements in the publications for quite a few months after the event had finished! Guess people just thought it was too special to throw away…

We would like to congratulate you and your hard-working team for developing a truly unique and totally invaluable event. I am looking forward to being part of the 2012 Sunshine Coast Women’s Expo and any future events you present.

Warm Regards
Chris Childs
Think Money Founder