Testimony from Australian Red Cross Blood


Dear Sue,

I am writing this letter to express our appreciation for your continued support and the support of the Sunshine Coast Women’s Expo, over the past two years.  We are also very excited to be taking part in the third Expo to be held later this year in September.

Being involved in community activities allows the Australian Red Cross Blood Service greater opportunities to educate our community about the need for blood and blood donors – without these opportunities that you have given us, we would not normally be able meet the cost or requirements to attend.

We experienced a great response from those who attended the Expo last year and received more than 50 pledges from Sunshine Coast locals to sign up and become blood donors.  This of course resulted in the collection of lifesaving blood and blood products being provided to those in need.  In fact, 3 lifesaving products are made from each blood donation collected.

Attending also gave us an opportunity to connect with businesses and other organisations that have been able to lend their support, resources and encouragement.  An additional 5 businesses whom we met at the Expo joined us for our 2011 Gyms Challenge – which was an extremely successful campaign for engaging new blood donors.

Your efforts, support and assistance to educate and encourage others to give blood is sincerely appreciated.  We are grateful to you and your team from the Sunshine Coast Women’s Lifestyle Expo for supporting the Australian Red Cross Blood Service and wish you many years of continued success.

Kindest Regards,

Rebecca Ind

Community Relations Officer
Australian Red Cross Blood Service