Testimony from Think Money

Last year’s expo proved to be of awesome benefit to my business, in fact our testing and measuring has shown it to be one of the most successful marketing activity of the year, with results 150-200% greater than other trade-show ventures we participated in. Not only did the expo generate a large quantity of leads, I was really impressed by the quality of leads..

Testimony from BreastScreen Qld

The Sunshine Coast Women’s Lifestyle Expo encourages women to take a little time out of their busy lives to look after their own health and wellbeing. The 2011 Expo provided a great venue for BreastScreen Queensland to reach a large number of women with a similar message, take a few minutes every two years to have a free BreastScreen.

Testimony from Australian Red Cross Blood

We experienced a great response from those who attended the Expo last year and received more than 50 pledges from Sunshine Coast locals to sign up and become blood donors.  This of course resulted in the collection of lifesaving blood and blood products being provided to those in need.  In fact, 3 lifesaving products are made from each blood donation collected.