Stepmothers are not wicked or evil, as the fairytales would have you believe.  How do I know this, because I am a Step-mum and live with the daily challenges of a step-family life.

I was born in Toowoomba and spent most of my life there raising my three children from my first marriage.  Five years ago I met and fell in love with my wonderful husband, who had four children from his first marriage.

When we were married and moved to the coast, my two adult children and my husband’s three adult children were living independently, so our family unit was made up of my husband’s youngest son and my youngest daughter.

Becoming a stepfamily was at times difficult, as all members needed time to make adjustments with being in a new home and living with step-siblings and stepparents.

My role as a Stepmum and mum is to support my husband in raising his son and to help my stepson and daughter adjust to their new life, without replacing their other parents.

A lot of people who are not part of a step-family don’t realise, the dynamics that come with being in a step-family.   I felt there was not much support and information available for step-mums and so I decided to form a step-mums group.

My vision is:
To provide information on support services, (Counsellors, Legal services, books and internet forums’) and for Step-mums to meet other step-mums where they can learn and support each other without judgement.

Sherrinne MacDonald


Sunshine Coast Stepmum’s Group