My earliest memories are having a carefree life of mulberry tree climbing and billy cart racing.  Riding such a long way to school, which actually turned out to be only three blocks, and taking a penny to the corner shop for a bag full of lollies. Mum stayed home, and Dad worked long hours in his engineering business.

Life changed when I was nine due to the death of my eldest brother from a car accident, sadly the day after his baby daughter was born.  This devastated my parents, who decided for a tree change to work full time on their cattle property, which had to that point been their weekend hobby.  This meant a total change of life for me, being sent to Boarding School at the Rockhampton Girls Grammar School.

I began my working life at Telecom as a telephonist, manually putting through calls  – hard to believe just how much technology has progressed since then! While back in Rockhampton I met the love of my life, Jack, and within nine months we had married.  I soon became a housewife and eventually mother of  three beautiful children.

After a short lived award winning fashion career, I joined AMP as a ‘Financial Needs Analyst’.  This was the beginning of the new era of Financial Advice.  In 2000, I retired.  Hmmm, that lasted 6 weeks.  After the house was clean, the freezer full and my patchwork group was ready to kick me out for trying to organize them to death, it was decided that I really wasn’t ready to retire.

While trying to decide what to do, I opened a marketing company, and commenced marketing for Financial Planners and Mortgage Brokers.  I soon worked out mortgage broking was my next passion.  Over the next 3 years I opened 3 mortgage broking companies and loved the industry.

My mortgage broking clients, having been diligently learning my debt reduction strategies, wanted to learn more about how we were accumulating properties. So I began to teach some of my clients what to do, and more importantly what NOT to do.  As you can see from my 6 week retirement experience I get bored easily, so I began to find repeating myself time and time again with the steps of building a property portfolio boring.  Which saw the birth of Think Money Wealth Through Property, which meant I was able to develop a complete system of videos, software, interactive web sites and a success team of professionals to assist clients to achieve their goals, while avoiding the pitfalls most of us suffer when we begin the journey with little knowledge and experience.

Relocating to the Sunshine coast in 2007 was our next big change.  We had been regular ‘Christmas tourists’ for many years.  Should have done it earlier! The Sunshine Coast is such an awesome place to live, and the weather is superb! … We love it!

In 2011 our world was turned upside down when we lost our beautiful son to suicide. I wouldn’t have to tell any parent that losing a child is probably the hardest thing anyone could ever face.  Losing a child to suicide is certainly the most difficult thing our family has had to deal with.  It was certainly unexpected, there were no warning signs and he seemed happy and settled.  David, as a child suffered from being ‘different’ although undiagnosed with any of the names associated with children who don’t fit the norm today. David struggled with school throughout his childhood. However, as he matured, he found success in many fields and became an accomplished musician and rapper, creating his own record label.  David enjoyed sports like snowboarding, skateboarding and motorbikes, and was a Scuba Diving instructor.

While he had so many plans and so much to live for, he found life difficult at times, and chose to leave us much earlier than he should have.  He was much loved and sorely missed.  This tragic event has made the whole family take stock of what is truly important in life, and Jack and I and our three beautiful daughters certainly make sure we focus on those things. The pain is still new and raw, however they say over time it diminishes. I look forward to that.

In searching for a way to move forward, and having always been a highly motivated person, I have discovered excellent tools to help give me guidance and focus both in my personal life as well as my business life.  Having taken stock of my life, my family and my business, I believe 2012 will prove to be my next milestone! I am focusing on a very exciting year of growth and improvements for my clients, my business and my family life alike.  Having survived the global crisis, the Australian property market is poised for a strong recovery and the general fear factor is certainly lessening.

Christine Childs

Edited by Louise Hickey