Maybe you have pain in your body, you feel unusually tired and worn out?

This was my experience a few years ago; I would drag myself through each day and felt extremely tired and on top of that had a thumping earache.  So I rang the Dr and booked an appointment.  The Dr looked in my ear and then said these fatal words… “Sharon you don’t have an infected ear! It’s not what you think it is!!!”

I glared back at him and said “Come on Dr, last night my ear throbbed so much I took 5 panadol just in one night, it was so bad….” He grunted and decided on some tests, to find out what the real root problem was.

He suggested we start with a pregnancy test. I laughed!  And reminded the Dr that I was in my late 40’s, had an adult son who was married and couldn’t even remember such things…

The test was taken, and he looked at me in SURPRISE…. I held my tummy and just glared back at him, my mouth was open yet no words came out, so we just glared at one another.

The Dr and I continued to stare at each other and then finally he said “Well this explains all your symptoms…. Sharon you are pregnant!”

Imagine the shock I felt!  I held my tummy and asked for just one more test, just in-case that test was faulty….and sure enough it wasn’t.  The test confirmed the truth and the fact was I was carrying life and there was a little person growing within me!  My whole world suddenly changed because, life is not always what you think it is.

Instead of needing medication for an earache I needed a dentist because the baby was drawing calcium from my teeth!  As a happily married women and a Mother with 5 children already and the eldest was married and the second eldest was working away from home…. I had no idea I was actually carrying life!

Because of my age I decided to queen my pregnancy and relaxed, ate and exercised whenever I felt like it.  Also we trusted God to bless us with a healthy child with soundness of mind.  Other than scans, I refused all the tests, mature women should have.  Our son Ezra was born healthy, alive and kicking in a small country hospital with no emergency equipment in a place in the Far North of New Zealand.  

Then more amazing news came!  We would also be Grandparents as well as parents!   When our youngest was 3 months of age he became an Uncle and we proud Grandparents of our first Grandchild, a beautiful girl named Summer.  What a great delight to Mother alongside our daughter-in-law and together have the joy of our son growing up with his niece only 3 months of age apart.  Life happens and it’s not always what you think.

The symptoms you may be struggling with could be frustration, unfulfillment, depression… these are just symptoms of greater possibilities….because ultimately God wants to bring LIFE, PEACE and JOY out of your pain.

Now 13 years later we are blessed with a handsome, healthy, wholesome, sound mind boy who is forever keeping us young and vibrant.   

We are blessed with six legacy living children ranging in age from 36 years to 13 years plus 5 lively grandchildren.

And I’m so thankful to have heard those words in my late 40’s “Sharon you are Pregnant!”