Cheryl Turnbull says “My background has been very female dominated.  From my love of playing netball to hairdressing, I have always been surrounded by women and for almost ten years I was a single mum with two beautiful daughters living on the Gold Coast.

Throughout that period of time I met an amazing bunch of women.  Each year on the 19th September we get together and have done, for almost twenty years.  We write in a journal about the things that have happened in our lives over that past year, it makes very interesting reading when you look back over the entries. Some of us have married, some of us have separated and all of us grown, especially my daughters.

Fourteen years ago I met my husband.  Three weeks after he asked me to marry him he was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor and my life changed again right then.  Luckily I have very healthy and helpful parents who helped look after the girls. It took almost six months for Shaun to get back on his feet and
now we have a ten year old son!  Who would have thought I would have a baby at the age of 43 or that he could become a Dad after all the radium treatment!  So now I have the perfect Family……including two beautiful grandsons & a great son in law!

I decided to help in my husband’s mortgage finance business specializing in property investment. I have always been interested in property buying my first house at age 22, and if only I knew then what I know now!  As my daughters grew older I was determined they would not go through the property investing process as I did and I am very proud to say they have achieved so much.

I noticed while working that young women aged 25 to 45 were very interested in wanting to know more about investing in property. I found them very inspiring to talk to and this is why I set up Creative Lifestyle for Women, to share the knowledge of what I have learnt over the years.  Getting a few girls together for a chat about how to invest in property the Easy Way over a coffee or wine, in a friend’s home is a great informal way to understand just what you can achieve and how easy it can be.  This is what I do now full time and I love it”.

Edited by Louise Hickey