Kelly Pendlebury has certainly packed a lot of life’s experience in to her 28 years. Born in Tasmania with a hole in her heart and a life expectancy of only hours, Kelly has had a fighting spirit from day dot.

After attending a personal development seminar called ‘Success & You’, Kelly realised her journey on the road to personal growth had started. She says “the seminar reinforced many personal beliefs, and I had found a group of people that I felt thought like me, looking beyond boundaries, I knew instantly that I wanted to be immersed in the culture of that weekend for longer”. Kelly decided to be bold and sold everything she owned to move to Sydney a week later and study to be a life coach.

With an interim period before her course dates, Kelly joined the company running the courses and quickly caught the attention of management in her telemarketing role after selling 20 courses on her first day. The KPI was 2. Within three months she was promoted to Business Development Manager and
began flying around the major cities in Australia, setting up and running courses building the company profile through strategic marketing.

Her role saw her working side by side her Director’s publicist Matt Dillon. She became passionate about PR and media and after 18 months left Success & You to run Matt’s Sydney based Public Relations firm with him. “Matt had been travelling between LA and Sydney, so with me on board he was able to focus
on the US side and I oversaw the Australian clients”.

After three years working together, Matt relocated to New York. An opportunity presented itself to Kelly through Troy Thompson. Troy had been a client of Kelly and Matt’s. He is a Sydney-based celebrity hair dresser who featured on Channel Seven’s ‘Ten Years Younger in Ten Days’.  We worked hard to diversify his brand away from just hairdressing after the show and when everything with Matt dissolved I called Troy and told him that we were going to write a book!

Over the next 6 months Kelly and Troy developed the first edition of Troy Thompson’s guide to the Younger You, raising $110,000 in sponsorship before writing a single word, pre-selling 10,000 copies and self-publishing in Singapore. “We started by getting L’Oreal Australia on board and Jenny Craig and then it snow-balled from there. We did in 6 months what takes publishers more than a year, so at the end of it we were both tired and elated.”

The book was a success and is currently in it’s second print run through New Holland Media. Kelly in turn, assisted Troy in securing a network radio program concepted from the book, which was aired Sunday mornings across Australia for over a year with what is now, Southern Cross Austereo and continues to work with Troy still today.

Kelly is now back on the Sunshine Coast pursuing her passion for creative writing at USC. “It has taken me along time to realise what it is I want to do, my true passion is combining what I know from my studies in human behaviour with my passion for stories and film. Narratives are the greatest way to teach and connect with others. And it is a whole lot of fun!”

Kelly continues to indulge her business and marketing interests as a Marketing Strategist for Campaign Group as she studies and develops her Kid’s Brand “Kid Confident”. She is also a working life coach and about to complete writing her first feature film screenplay. In her spare time which is sparse she is addicted to trashy American TV, walking on the beach, writing in cafes and playing indoor netball.