Site Allocation 

1. The organisers reserve the right to accept or reject any application and to exclude and/or remove, any exhibit, which in their opinion, is not suitable, acceptable or in accordance with the purpose of the exhibition. 

2. The decision of the organisers as to the eligibility of exhibits will be absolutely final and binding. 

3. The organisers reserve the right to make changes to the floor plan and/or allocate alternative sites to exhibitors without the acceptance of liability for such actions. 

4. Site fees include the following furniture items: 

1 x table; 1 x chair (additional items can be hired at additional cost and booking prior to Expo). 

Displays, Fittings and Exhibits 

5. Exhibitors are responsible for any loss or damage to the site. 

6. Aisle ways must, at all times, be left clear and free for passage. All display and other materials must be set up and contained within the allocated site area. Exhibitors and their staff can only operate from within the site allocated. 

7. Exhibitors shall ensure their stand is free of rubbish at all times. Exhibitors are responsible for the cleanliness of their stand and all sites must be cleaned and clear of all rubbish 30 minutes prior to the time of opening on each day of the exhibition. Rubbish must be removed at the end of each exhibition day. 

8. Exhibitors are responsible for any damage to lights, walls, floors and/or structures in the building and will reimburse the organisers accordingly. All exhibitors must adhere to the rules and regulations set out by the owners of the building. 

9. Where fire extinguishers or hose reels are located within the area of the site access must be available at all times to the equipment, which must either be visible to the public or provided with an adequate sign. Guidance by the Centre Management must be adhered to. 

10. All exhibits and property belonging to exhibitors must be removed from the building by the due date and time set out in the exhibitor update (unless prior arrangements are made with the organisers). Failure to comply with this rule will render an exhibitor responsible for all resulting expenses incurred by the organisers. 

11. It is the express responsibility of each exhibitor to obtain licences and permits as may be required by the authorities for the conduct of their display. Such licences must be available, at the stand, for view by the organisers or visitors. 

Conduct of Exhibitors 

12. Every exhibitor must conduct themselves in a manner that is not objectionable to the owners, organisers, sponsors, or exhibitors or visitors. 

13. Exhibitors and their staff may conduct their business only from the stand allocated to them and each exhibitor is responsible for ensuring that only bona fide staff and agents are permitted to conduct business on their stand. 

14. Sound emanating from stands must be kept at a level compatible with conversation or business conducted between all exhibitors and visitors. The organisers reserve the right to take appropriate steps to terminate any objectionable sound generated on any stand. 

15. The organisers reserve the right to remove exhibitors, if in their opinion, exhibitors are conducting themselves in a manner that is contrary to the nature of the exhibition and/or acting in a manner that could bring the organisers or the event into disrepute. 

16. Exhibitors are not permitted to share or cohabit their allocated site with another organisation/company and/or entity without permission of the organisers. 

17. Exhibitors are not permitted to promote their products and services outside of allocated exhibit space. This includes distribution of flyers, excessive noise from AV equipment and product samples unless approved by the event organiser in advance. 

18. Exhibitors must not pack up their site before the official end of the event. 


19. Exhibits, stands, fittings, tools and all goods or other articles brought onto the premises by the exhibitor or their contractors will be at the sole risk of the exhibitor. The organisers will not be responsible for their loss or damage in any circumstances whatsoever, including and not exclusively by fire, floods, theft, accidents, water, negligence of their staff, employees or agents or any other causes, and in the event of same not being removed from the exhibition premises b the specified date, due to strike, lock-out, trade dispute, or without being restricted as aforesaid through any cause outside the direct control of the organisers, the organisers will not be responsible to exhibitors or their contractors for any loss incurred thereby. 

20. Exhibitors are not entitled to any refund of fees in the event of the exhibition being postponed abandoned, interrupted, prematurely concluded, held on a reduced scale by reason of fire, storm, floods, acts of God, tempest, riots, acts of terrorism, war, strike, lock-out, trade dispute or without being restricted as aforesaid, through any other cause outside the direct control of the organisers or in the event of the exhibition building being destroyed, damaged or not available for holding the exhibition at the advertised time, or if through any unforeseen circumstances, prior right of user, or process of law, the organisers are unable to gain possession of the exhibition building. 

21. The organisers are not responsible for any loss caused by failure of lighting and other essential supplies, whether publicly provided or otherwise or for loss or damage arising directly or indirectly through war, acts of God, acts of terrorism, strike, lock-out, riots, circumstances or commotions or other causes beyond the control of the exhibition organisers within or outside of the exhibition. 

22. The organisers will not be responsible to an exhibitor for the acts or conduct of any contractor, any other exhibitor, or their servants or agents or any member of the public, not for the consequence of any breach by any amendments made in accordance with the same. 


23. The exhibitor hereby indemnifies and will keep indemnified, the organisers against any liability, action, claim, demand, costs, charges or expenses, arising as a result of any act, omission, negligence or thing done or omitted by such exhibitor or any servant, representative, agent, invitee, licensee of their or any other person or persons under their direction. The exhibitor is required to insure their legal liability for negligence and shall, if required by the organisers, submit the policy to them for inspection. 

Electrical Requirements and Other Services 

24. All electrical equipment needs to be tagged and tested according to current Queensland Workplace, Health and Safety Regulations. A licenced electrician must carry out all electrical work at the expense of the exhibitor. Exhibitors are not permitted to connect to or interfere with utilities and/or telecommunications systems. 

Payment Terms and Refund Policies 

25. A deposit amount of 20% of the total exhibit fees is due within 14 days of invoice. All deposits are non-refundable and it is agreed that the deposit shall be forfeited if the balance of payment is not made in accordance with the registration booking form and invoice due date. 

26. The balance of funds payable for site bookings must be paid in full by 18 August 2018. Upon receipt of the balance of payment in accordance with the tax invoice issued, the site allocation shall be secured and the organisers shall forward the exhibitor a receipt if requested. 

27. Any exhibitor who fails to pay the full amount of fees on or before the dates as set out in clauses 30 and 31 may have their booking cancelled. 

28. If an exhibitor submits a written application seeking cancellation of the site booking, two months or more prior to the event date, a 50% refund of fees may be made at the organiser’s sole discretion. If a written application notifying of cancellation for an event is received less than two months prior to the event date, no refund shall be considered. No refund will be made where a request to your booking is received within two months of event booking. Cancellations will incur an administration fee of $250. 

29. Booking fees are deducted from final payment of total owing, and are non-refundable if booking is cancelled at any time. 


30. Upon acceptance by the organisers of the officially signed booking registration form by the exhibitor, and confirmation of allocation of a site by the organisers, a contract shall arise between the organisers and the exhibitor and such contract shall incorporate these Terms and Conditions of exhibiting subject to variation as hereinafter mentioned. To any site allocated, the relation of licensor and licensee shall arise and continue between the exhibitor from the date of signing and submitting the official booking registration form and the organiser from written acknowledgement of space allocation. 

31. In the event of the cancellation or postponement of the exhibition from any of the clauses mentioned in these conditions, the fees previously paid shall not be refundable once space has been allotted to the exhibitor and the organisers will be entitled to recover any sums owing at the date. 

32. The organisers reserve the right to refuse any person admission without assigning any reason. 

33. The organisers shall not be responsible for any loss or damage sustained by the exhibitor by reason of any delay in the opening of the exhibition, nor any interruption thereof. 

Alterations and Interpretation 

34. In order to ensure the best possible arrangements for the exhibition in all circumstances and in the interests of all concerned, the organisers reserve the right to waive, add to or amend these conditions or any of them in any particular case or cases. Should any question arise, whether provided for in these conditions or not, the decision of the organiser shall be final. No alteration, addition, amendment, exchange or waiver of these conditions shall operate to release any exhibitor from their contract. 

Legal Requirements 

35. Nevertheless, anything contained in any part of these Terms and Conditions of exhibiting, it will be the responsibility of each exhibitor to ensure that their exhibit complies in all aspects with such legal requirements as may be made by the responsible authorities and are in force at the time of the exhibition. 

Vacation of Building 

36. All exhibitors and their employees, agents and persons for whom they are responsible must leave the exhibition premises immediately upon closure of the exhibition at the end of each session. 


37. The organisers shall be the sole judge of whether of following Terms and Conditions of exhibiting have been adhered to in a proper manner. The decisions of the organisers shall be, in all respects, final and binding